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More Express Proposal

We’re excited to propose a suite of services from Bitematic™ designed to enhance your restaurant’s digital presence and customer experience. Our offerings encompass Social Media Management, Website Redesign, SEO, AI-powered Customer Service via BiteBanter, and our Online Ordering System.

Social Media
We propose to handle your social media platforms, creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Our AI tools will analyze trends and customer behavior to optimize content, ensuring maximum engagement. This will drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, and ultimately, increased patronage.

Social Media Scheduling and Ai Content Generator

Organize, schedule and automate the publishing of your content and photos on social accounts.

✔ Creative content and design

✔ Ai powered content with industry
professional fine tuning of posts by

✔ Direct point of sale restaurant
ordering through social media posts

Website Redesign

We propose a comprehensive redesign of your website to create a more engaging, user-friendly, and responsive digital experience. Our design will reflect the unique atmosphere of More Express, while also incorporating SEO best practices to boost your online visibility.

Our SEO services aim to enhance your restaurant’s visibility on search engines. We’ll work on keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization to improve your search engine rankings. This way, when customers search for a Pan Asian Thai Restaurant, More Express will be at the top of their results.

BiteBanter Customer Service AI Chat
BiteBanter, our advanced AI chatbot, will provide a new level of customer service for your restaurant. Powered by sophisticated language processing technology, it will interact with your customers, assist with their inquiries, learn their preferences, and even help with placing orders. This personalized service will significantly enhance your customers’ experience.

Online Ordering System
We’ll integrate our online ordering system with your website and social media platforms. This will streamline your operations by automating the ordering process, reducing errors, and speeding up service. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of placing orders online, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

SMS Notifications
 As part of our comprehensive service package, we also offer SMS notifications for order confirmations and updates. This feature ensures that customers are kept informed about their orders in real-time, enhancing their experience. Simultaneously, managers receive prompt updates on new orders and customer feedback, allowing for real-time operations management and immediate response to customer concerns.

Instant SMS Order notification for Restaurant and Customers

Receive instant order detail notifications to your phone.

✔ Multiple phone numbers for admin notifications

✔ Customer receives order status updates (confirmation, order ready, etc.)

✔ Customizable messages with dynamic data pertaining to orders

Add multiple numbers for notifications and customize messages


Email Marketing

 Our email marketing services will serve as a valuable tool in maintaining and nurturing your relationship with customers. By sending weekly emails showcasing your restaurant’s offerings, new menu items, and exclusive promotions, we will keep More Express at the forefront of your customers’ minds. This will not only encourage repeat business but will also strengthen your relationship with your customer base.

Coupon Codes and Loyalty Program
 Recognizing the importance of customer loyalty, we propose the integration of a loyalty program and coupon codes into your online ordering system and marketing strategy. Offering incentives for repeat business and referrals can significantly boost customer retention and attract new customers. We’ll assist in setting up and managing these systems, creating an engaging reward structure that truly appreciates and values your customers.

As for pricing, we believe in providing a solution that delivers value while being budget-friendly. We propose a comprehensive package that includes all of the above services, priced competitively. We’ll be glad to discuss this further to provide a tailored solution that suits More Express’ specific needs and budget.

Bitematic™’s services will not only enhance your digital presence but also drive operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you to help More Express thrive in the digital age.